A scenario based big data mobile marketing platform, consists of PUSH, PMP, DMP and many other products. aBeacon is committed to create a new marketing approach.

Using big data technology to achieve accurate advertising, and analyse the results to guide marketing decisions.

Link Agencies and Brands to Top Media.


Notification Push Ads

Driven by big data and accurate ad push in star App.

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Private Market Place of High Quality Media

Using multi-dimensional targeting technology and private high quality media to achieve efficient In-App advertising.

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Optimized Big Data Advertising

Using LBS and big data from one billion mobile devices to target consumers and help strategic decision making.

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Accurate User Profile

aBeacon has covered more than one billion users, by analyzing online and offline behavior to build accurate user profiles.

LBS All Over China

aBeacon has millions of POI around China, which can accurately capture scenarios.

Private Premium Inventory

aBeacon has deep corporations with top media, assuring advertising quality and arrival.

Client Case Studies

  • Maserati

    To target high-end consumer intended to buy cars in Guangzhou and had been to a Maserati or competitors’ experience center in past one month and use Geo-fencing technology to push models and test drive places.

  • Uber

    To target users over 18 years old, and have a strong demand for taxi, and set geo-fence in commonly used taxi points. When target user get into geo-fence, they will receive promotion information.

  • Venetian Macao

    Through a unique cold data technique, precisely select users within a 1 km radius of Macao closed port and Lotus port to trigger instant ads push when they get into the Geo-fence.

  • McDonald's

    Find out 20-35 year old frequent users of group buys App andpush useful information within the 1km radius to 9 Xi’an stores.

  • L'Oréal Paris : For Men

    Filter 18-35 and fashion-conscious men nationwide, and advertise two creative ads one week before the campaign, one is men's new l ' Oréal spokesperson Boran Jing-themed version, the other is the product offers promotion information. The one has higher clicks is advertised in campaign.

  • Extra

    Select target audience with 5km radius, and push ads to attract them to the LED screen to join in interactions. The participants posted their declarations onto the big screen, instantly becoming the "headlines".

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The first ad platform in China to utilize Geographic fence technology, aBeacon data marketing has developed PUSH, PMP, DMP and many capabilities to serve top brands in big data marketing implementation.